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Sunday Mail story by Daryl Passmore

Sunday Mail article by Daryl Passmore

After suffering the terror of being abducted by secret police in Laos 10 years ago, Queenslander Kay Danes has finally bitten the bullet to claw back her sense of adventure by tackling humanitarian work in Afghanistan, writes Daryl Passmore.


OFOQ’s Interview with Kay Danes by Shabeera Zia

Afghan Weekly Dec 2010 page 08 This newspaper is distributed across Australia throughout the Muslim community. Read translated article below









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“The world is a better place for Kay being here. She is fearless, determined and tireless in her drive to help and support those who are oppressed and are powerless. I look forward to working with Kay on more projects in the future.” Mike Miller – Director, Silverlining Films (USA)

Australian Author Shines at 61st Annual Conference on World Affairs

First-time Panelist Takes on Tough Issues and Wins Hearts

Report by Michael Passe, Freelance Journalist – Colorado

May 19, 2009

Australian author and human rights campaigner, Kay Danes, looked right at home last month in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, scaling lofty topics like genocide, torture and slavery with down-to-earth grace, humor and compassion—and winning hearts among panelists, attendees, students and volunteers. Ms. Danes was a first-time panelist at the 61st Annual Conference on World Affairs, held April 6-10 at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Over 100 panelists, many of them distinguished experts, diplomats and journalists, come to the CWA each year to debate, discuss and exchange views on a wide range of topics. Final attendance figures are still being gathered, but an estimated 91,000 people attended the 2009 event.

“The highlight of my experience at the CWA this year was getting to spend some time with Kay Danes,” said Poppy Copeland, a long-time CWA volunteer. “She’s an amazing woman with a huge heart.”

Ms. Danes participated in eight panels—a high number for a first-time panelist — on topics ranging from “Activating the Activist” to “Trial By Media”, “Slavery” and “The Basic Incompatibility Between God and Religion.” Panels usually feature 3 or 4 panelists, who each speak for 10 minutes before taking questions from the audience. Many of the panels are also shown on streaming video on the worldwide web.

It was on some of the most difficult topics that Ms. Danes was the most entrancing. Speaking about “Genocide – Beyond Outrage”, to a packed house, she brought herself, and some members of the audience, to tears. She highlighted the plight of the Lao and Lao-Hmong people who had been sent to the death camps during the Vietnam War and the aftermath of that war. Perhaps her most compelling presentation was given in the panel session ‘The Truth about Torture”.  In the University’s grand UMC Centre Ballroom, filled to capacity, Ms. Danes shared her horrific experiences as a former prisoner in a communist state and the torture and ill-treatment she, her husband, and many other prisoners endured there. Clearly many audience members were emotionally affected and some more deeply disturbed.

Ms. Danes was popular among students too, whose fees pay for the CWA. She was featured in an article in the campus newspaper, which quoted attendees at one of her panels—this one on modern slavery—as saying they came away from the panel with “profound insight.” The CWA is funded through student fees and contributions.

During the “Trial By Media” panel, Ms. Danes spoke about the case of an Australian woman detained on a 20 year sentence in Indonesia, and how the story was whipped up into a media feeding frenzy akin to something from a Gerry Springer show.  Ms. Danes explained how the focus on judicial process was lost in lieu of focusing more on sensationalism and how veteran crime reporter’s 30 year career came to an abrupt end as a result of his involvement in the case. Ms. Danes presented in a special concurrent session,  just hours after an emotional presentation that she gave on “Post Traumatic Stress DisorderYou forgot I can’t”, again, drawing on her own personal experiences to highlight the difficulties many people face following a trauma.

Kay Danes with Colonel Robert K. Brown (Founder/Owner of SOF Mag)

In addition to the Conference on World Affairs, she was interviewed by Boulder-based Soldier of Fortune Magazine. Ms. Danes raised concerns regarding the trial in the US against a former Hmong leader and US ally, General Vang Pao, who, along with several other US Citizens, was charged with conspiring to overthrow the Laos Government and thereby raising the allegation that they had breached the Neutrality Act.   Ms. Danes expressed her concerns over the fact that the US Government was not paying nearly enough attention to the treatment of political prisoners in SE Asia or the disappearance of three US Citizens more recently, that disappeared following their return to Laos, under the Bush Administrations Normalized Trade Agreement.

NY City Radio

Ms. Danes then traveled to New York City where she was a special guest on the popular Joey Reynolds show, and gave live interviews all across the United States, including the Today Show in California. She went to Washington, D.C. and addressed the US National Press Club ahead of Afghanistan’s President Karzai’s address. Ms. Danes was the key note speaker to a U.S. Congressional Forum on democracy cosponsored by US Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA) and other members of Congress and the Center for Public Policy Analysis.

Ms. Danes raised critical awareness of the plight of some 6,000 Lao Hmong political refugees and asylum seekers at Ban Huay Nam Khao, Petchabun Province, and Nong Khai, Thailand who are faced with dire humanitarian conditions and forced repatriation back to Laos.  Additionally, the egregious human rights situation in Laos was discussed at length, as was the religious persecution directed against the Lao and Hmong and people.

US Human Rights Lawyer Paul Wolf, Author Kay Danes, former US National Security Advisor Phillip Smith, Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition Staff member.


Kay Danes, best selling author of “Families Behind Bars,” stories of injustice, endurance and hope, launches her latest book at the US National Press Club: “Standing Ground—An Imprisoned Couple’s Struggle for Justice Against a Communist Regime” .


Gold Coast Bulletin (News Limited), March 2010 by Michael Jacobson

On Their Honour – 18 March 2002 Producer Wendy Page

FEDERAL Member Andrew Laming, Malouf Pharmacy Cleveland's Carissa Lowe and ambassador Kay Danes prepare a Christmas package for Australian troops.

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