Kay Danes is one of Australia’s most respected inspirational speakers and educators. She is highly sought-after and can tailor a presentation, workshop or program to suit the specific needs of your organisation. Kay delivers everything from ten minute ‘pep talks’ to life-changing seminars.

Kay speaks at International Women's Day for Zonta (2010)

Topics include:

  • Hostage Survival 101 – Chances are, most of us will never face the terror of being held hostage but for aid workers, the risks are increasing. How YOU react, how YOU conduct yourself during a hostage ordeal and how YOU cope under extreme pressure, will play a big part in the final outcome. Let me teach you how to minimize the risk to self.
  • Surviving Trauma with Dignity – Many victims of violence feel shame, self-blame, survivor guilt and even rejection. Some develop Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.  Those who endure human cruelty can have their lives restored– even though they were mistreated by perpetrators, and, on occasion, by professionals and by family. Learn key skills to help you survive with dignity and regain control over your life.
  • PTSD – I forgot I can’t -Anyone can develop PTSD following a traumatic event but people are at greater risk if the event involved physical or sexual assault, they have had repeated traumatic experiences such as sexual abuse or living in a war zone, or they have suffered from PTSD in the past. I have overcome the debilitating effects of PTSD and Chronic Depression as a result of torture. Let me help you learn to lead a fulfilling life.
  • Travel Safe/Travel Smart – In Australia alone, travellers take around six million trips overseas each year. Many Australians also live abroad. Travelling or living overseas can be exciting and rewarding, but can also carry potential risks. Each year, approximately 30,000 Australians require consular assistance from overseas missions. Let me share with you my extensive travel experiences so that next time you travel overseas, you may avoid some of the typical pitfalls.
  • Foreign Internment -Unfortunately many people think that when their loved one is arrested overseas, that their Government will rush to their defence, tell the detaining government what to do and free the prisoner immediately. Some even quote various violations of International Law, Human Rights mandates and local laws. Others quote corruption and insist that foreign aid, given in times of emergency ie: Tsunami, should be used as a bargaining chip to free the prisoner in question, or to cut all diplomatic ties as a means of demanding their release. Foreign internment is a complex area. Knowing how to navigate your way through this difficult environment might mean the difference between life and death. Let me show you how!

  • The Diplomatic Minefield (Protection and Security Workshop – discussing security of aid workers and dealing with hostile situations. Back to basics with bilateral trade agreements, what governments can and cannot do, engaging the right legal and advisory support.
  • Women who Dare – blending her humanitarian journeys with her business (security) adventures, Kay’s anecdotes are full of practical wisdom to help us navigate our lives through the turmoils and challenges that dominate life today. Discover how to swim with the current and not against it, maintain a strong control, influence those around you, and develop strategies to successfully manage your future.
  • Our Right 2 Human Rights – According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, there are rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled. But what does this mean to you in REALITY? Do you know YOUR rights and can your rights be stripped away? This is an interesting presentation and one that will have you gripping your seat as you journey through some of Kay’s Human Rights case files, real life accounts of people who have been subject to human rights violations.

Contact: kay.danes@gmail.com

Kay Danes speaks Globally…

Amazing new video by Ian Harvey – Director of Let’s Do It Pty Ltd.


“Kay Danes is one of those kinds of people who sees a need and then takes action. Her work assisting challenged peoples and putting herself second is the “stuff” that makes the world a better place. Kay Danes’ near death experiences have put some of my actions into perspective.’ – Simon Westaway, Australian actor


Advancing the Status of Women World Wide

“From our initial email right through to our Zonta International Women’s Day Breakfast, Kay Danes would have to have been the most willing and helpful guest speaker that we have ever had the pleasure to organize.  Kay helped contributed enormously to the breakfast by contacting many media avenues such as newspapers and radio stations – not to mention her connections with Rotary and other notable charities. These actions, on her behalf, certainly boosted our guest numbers on the day.  Kay spoke both personally and professionally and was a natural at captivating her audience. After the breakfast Kay remained to talk with guests and personally sign books for them, for which they were ever so grateful.  We can confidently recommend Kay as a key note speaker for any such occasion. ” – ZONTA Club of Southern Gold Coast Tweed Inc


‘Staff and students of Sunshine Coast TAFE were excited and honoured to have Kay Danes as a guest speaker. Her moving presentation was a powerful lesson for students and staff alike.’ –  Sunshine Coast TAFE.


“Kay Danes has credibility, integrity and represents the epitome of the human spirit and personal courage that she has earned through personal experience” –Russell S. Treweek, Dip. Community Welfare Work (AUST) Advocate for Child Protection.


Dr. Paul Dillon (Chairman/Director) and Kay Danes at the MORETON BAY GENERAL PRACTICE NETWORK's AGM Dinner at North Lakes (Sept 2010). I really enjoyed sharing with all the GP's (Doctors) and other medical staff present, the challenges of the aid work we are doing in Afghanistan. In particular, the health and medical challenges that Afghans face on a daily basis. MBGPN is a leading Australian Medical Training Organisation and have expressed strong interest in providing future support.