Families Behind Bars

Families Behind Bars was written to create awareness in our community that tragedy can strike a family at any time. When it does, we need to be assured that we can endure. Whether our ordeal is temporary or permanent, we need to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

This book explores the journeys of families from all over the world who have experienced the trauma of having a loved one detained in a foreign prison and how they’ve coped and haven’t coped.

Real life accounts. Uniquely inspirational, shockingly heartbreaking. YOU will appreciate just how fragile our lives really are!

A father spends 26 years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. A sister loses a brother to an overdose of prescription drugs. A family learns that their son will be executed by firing squad and they are asked to buy his body bag beforehand. A 40-year search continues for a brother missing in action (POW). A woman grieves for her husband who disappeared without a trace. A sister fights for justice for her brother jailed for life without parole.

Families Behind Bars is fascinating, terrifying and heart wrenching. It is a poignant wake up call for everyone. It is about the resilience of families who endure despite the odds.

ISBN: 9781741106763
Size: 252mm x 167mm
Format: Soft Cover
Check with your local bookstore for availability

Families Behind Bars Video


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