Kay Danes is now the bestselling author of several non-fiction, social justice books.

Her early writing career began when she provided editorial assistance to historian author Geoff Spiller on his publication ‘Tanglehead’ – The Breweries of Albany & Other Southern Communities of Western Australia. (Currently providing editorial assistance to his fourth book: Qld Breweries.)

Kay authored ‘A Collection of War Poems’ that were published in a 1990 Brisbane Writers Anthology.

In the late 1990’s Kay was offered an opportunity to take over a Defence produced, four page, black & white copy newsletter called ‘The Sandgroper’.  With limited desk top publishing skills, Kay taught herself how to use a basic publishing software program and from there, she solely transformed ‘The Sandgroper’ into a full-colour,  glossy magazine. The publication was circulated to over 2000 Defence families living in Western Australia. Kay was directly responsible for design, production, development, sourcing sponsorship, conducting interviews, managing budget (Defence), and distribution. The publication became so popular that the Governor of Western Australia and other notable figures substantially contributed to each quarterly edition.

Simultaneously, the Committee of the prestigious Claremont Yacht Club asked Kay if she would also consider producing their quarterly publication, ‘Midstream’ – to which she eagerly agreed.

Kay has a Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing. (DipDEP)

Books by Kay Danes – Families Behind Bars, Standing Ground, Beneath the Pale Blue Burqa

Interview in Whohub – November 2010

My thoughts on the writing process.


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