‘If you have the will, we have the way!’

African Equity is an Australian Based Non Government Organisation (NGO). Primarily supporting the Heroes of the Nation orphanage (largest in Kenya) and community development projects in Nyahururu and Nairobi, Kenya. We are fully accredited (ATO) with tax deductible DGR status. The structure and activities of African Equity are overseen by its board of directors who represent many years of successful experience in community development and business fields. Like a business, African Equity’s administrative processes fully audited annually by ATO accredited auditors.

Currently, we support 530 children in an orphanage / school, Heroes of the Nation, and run a number of initiatives in and around the greater community, including medical clinics/adult education/vocational training (welding & computer classes) and several business initiatives (including maize grinding-agricultural services-mechanical services). As a result of this broad based and business-like approach, we are able to provide not only a safe environment for orphaned children but also education (academic and vocational) and ultimately a future. The added benefit of creating revenue from within the Kenyan economy (through our locally based enterprises) is that it eliminates the dependency on outside aid that is often created. Despite limited resources our school’s academic performance is rated in the top 5% for Kenya.2009 has seen our first class of high school students graduate the Kenyan curriculum.

Founder Chris Anderson with some of the children

All administrative, operational and management costs are funded by a private sponsor. Every single dollar goes to the benefit of the nominated project. All travel costs, time and expenses are borne by volunteers. We not only guarantee that 100% of the money gets to the project, we also ensure that donated funds and resources are utilised effectively “on the ground” in Kenya. We are in daily contact with the project and our Australian management team is regularly on site in Kenya to ensure effective outcomes for our programs.  The ultimate goal for the Nyahururu project is to be self sufficient with the capacity to accommodate 1000 children. In addition to raising much needed funds for capital expansion, African equity procures and ships container loads of goods to Kenya on a regular basis. These goods (often surplus stock, seconds or clearance items) are sent to a non competitive environment where they are leveraged to the ultimate benefit of the orphanage and the greater community. We partner with other credible organisations in Kenya to utilise these resources to reach their maximum beneficial potential.

In 2009 we have packed over 150 tons of educational, medical and humanitarian supplies for the East African community. We recently received 47,000 pairs or reconditioned prescription glasses from the Redcliffe Lions Club, along with 300 all Terrain wheelchairs from the Gold Coast Rotary Club. Both these donations will be shipped and distributed through partnerships with international organisations in Kenya transforming the lives of many thousands of people.

Volunteers on aid mission

National companies including Best & Less, Pacific Brands (Bonds, Hard Yakka), Aussie Soles Shoes, Sky Marketing, Dynamic Headwear, Angus & Robertson, CSR (to Name but a few) have supported African Equity. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of benefit has been created from products that may have otherwise been left idle in warehouses. Being a tax deductible organisation allows African Equity to receipt donations of goods as well as cash. Additionally we receive strong support from individuals, community groups such as Rotary, Lions etc, Church and community groups, and schools. Media interest has grown both in Australia and overseas as we transform the traditional method of aid. We are gaining the endorsement and involvement of Australian and Kenyan Government officials. We are a mobilised, effective team that is really making a difference. We are delivering a positive outcome, not to, but with the African Community.

Want to help?

Child Sponsorship

Sponsoring a child at Heroes of the Nation (HTN) means exactly that. All funds go directly into the daily operating costs for the children. $45 per month (tax deductible) goes to feeding clothing and educating that child. Progress reports are provided to sponsors and contact is encouraged. In addition to the financial support sponsored children have the peace of mind and security of knowing someone/somewhere cares enough to provide a future for them. This is an important part of restoring and developing the child’s emotional well being. It is the goal of HTN to care for 1000 children in its program and we need your help to achieve it. Africn Equity (AE) is a mobilized, effective team – delivering positive outcomes, not to, but with the African community.

More Ways You Can Help:

“If You Have The Will, We Have The Way!”

Visit the African Equity Gallery – Be inspired

Contact African Equity – Phone: +61 7 3821 1077

African Equity


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