Disabled Center for Afghan Adults and Children:

Close to a million Afghans are severely disabled, and most, as a result of war, landmine injuries and polio. Paraplegia renders the family and children of victims unsupported and vulnerable to poverty, food insecurity and disintegration. Bringing back mobility to the paraplegics plays significant role in the survival of their families and children and in the reintegration of them to the society.

How can you help?

Afghan men, women and children are in desperate need of rehabilitative care. Help Afghan people receive education and skills to build a better future for themselves.

Together we can make a significant difference!
  • Wheelchairs (suitable for Afghan terrain)
  • Walking frames, walking sticks
  • Assortment of Bed sheets, mattresses, blankets
  • Art & Craft supplies, pens, books, reading material
  • Basic Health Care package for residents
  • Supplement for casual teacher salary (to run workshops)
  • Medical aids

Help us enable physically disabled children to go to school, adults to go to work to provide money for their families, and the elderly to get out of a bed that may have been their only existence for years, to now go outside and sit in the sun.




ChildLight Foundation for Afghan Children is a non-profit organisation registered with the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS).


“There is no better investment in time or money than in that of a child … for they are our future.” Alma Powell

Helping Women suffering through Domestic Violence

During my visit to the Nangarhar Women’s Prison,  I had the opportunity to meet with about 18 women and their children detained as a result of some domestic violence situation or another. Some of the young girls had tried to run away from a forced marriage, while others had been raped violently, and as a result, were thrown away by their families. Their stories were horrific but their courage was equally inspiring.

Our five person humanitarian team set about to make a significant impact on their lives through the donations we’d received from people back home prior to our departure to Afghanistan.  With their support we were able to deliver arts and craft supplies, a beautifully crafted handmade work table, a collection of learning books and cassettes donated by the Mosman Library in Sydney Australia, children’s toys, jewelry making kits, educational material, hygiene kits, sewing machines and several meters of brightly coloured fabric for the women to make their own clothes.

Our team also made many other valuable contributions and offered our friendship to women and children cut off from the world, from their loved ones, and thrown away by society.

Their needs are few but even such basic needs are difficult to provide for in a country ravaged by war.

  • Improvements to women’s area 
  • Upgrade children’s play area
  • Provide sanitary items, soaps, shampoo, toothpaste etc..
  • Purchase art & craft supplies, sewing materials
  • Provide literacy and vocational training for the women
  • Provide literacy and social skills development for the children

US Soldiers bring swings for the children

The image of several Afghan women huddled together on a dusty dirty would-be courtyard is burned deep into my memory. I will never forget the relief that washed over their faces when we promised to continue our support beyond our two day visit. Please help us keep that promise.

Childlight Foundation for Afghan Children.



Sports for Peace Project

More than 65% of the population in Afghanistan is estimated to be under 25 years of age, therefore, policy makers should put youth at the forefront of the reconstruction campaign. Through youth engagement and participation in sports, as a peace building processes, we can all promote a culture of peace and co-existence, to solve problems facing Afghan youth.

How can we empower Afghan Youth in a positive way?

Each year, my friends at the Youth In Action Association (YIAA) host the T20 Cricket Tournament against narcotics to raise public awareness on narcotics and to raise youth voices against narcotics in the eastern region of Afghanistan. Extra-curricular activities, such as sport, are considered a luxury in Afghanistan because most families cannot spare the money needed for children to ‘play sport’. But it’s so much more than ‘play’ –

It’s about saving lives and building futures!


Your support will enable us to purchase a range of sporting equipment that will be distributed among 30 schools across Afghanistan. These schools are where we have a direct and continued presence. Help maintain equipment over the year and enable us to purchase additional sporting equipment to support sports other than cricket (volleyball, football).

Help us to enable Afghan youth to combat social ills such as illiteracy, corruption, drugs and crime through youth participation in sports for peace.

YIAA President Sayed Ikram Afzali

“A peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan capable of  preserving its identity and national sovereignty, contributing to regional and global peace and prosperity – this is what we will struggle to achieve.  On behalf of the association, I would like to appeal to all those who want to see a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan to join our efforts whoever and wherever they are” – Sayed Ikram Afzali (President), Youth in Action Association (YIAA).

Help us keep the sporting dreams of these Youth alive!

Visit the website to find out how you can support this very worthwhile project.



Fatima Zehra Girls School

Countless young Afghan children were blown to bits by carefully laid Soviet land mines made to look like colourful butterflies. Nowadays, the girls in this Afghan school create pretty tissue paper butterflies.

Here we provide education and literacy to over 250 girls on a daily basis in reading and writing (Pashto), Koran, mathematics, science, home economics, sewing skills (Kandahari embroidery – the finest), use of sewing machines, Afghan history, and other subjects.

Pretty tissue paper butterflies light up the lives of these young students

We have been working to upgrade this school and so far we have  renovated the computer centre with new fans, floor mats, and a rebuild and paint restoration of classroom walls and ceilings, strengthening doors and window frames, and providing notebooks, pens, children’s story books, and girls cook books. We conduct a series of art workshops whenever we visit the school and this brings joy to the kids and to us.

Help us purchase:

  • arts and craft supplies
  • paint easels, paintbrushes
  • notebooks, pens,  textbooks
  • teacher salary supplement
“It takes courage to walk several kilometres to school, over rough terrain, through the heat of summer and the frost of winter, not knowing if you’ll actually get there”.

Please support this amazing school project .


ChildLight Foundation for Afghan Children is registered in the United States with the IRS as a non-profit 501 (c) 3,  # 75-2972030. For more information contact: Diana Tacey (Founder) at 1959 S Power Road,
Suite #103-245 Mesa, AZ 85206 or Tele: (480) 964-5484.



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